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Cage Wheel Buffer Device for Mine
Our company has a series of complete cage wheel buffer device for mine to adapt to various conditions and applications. At present, the models of mine safety sign certificates are as follows: LST60KK, STFKL50K, STFL50KK, STFKL45K, STFL45KK, L42.5STKK, LST
Skip and Cage Mechanical Guide Wheel
Our company has more than ten years of production experience in this industry. Skip and cage mechanical guide wheel are the key components to improve the stable and reliable operation of the container. Based on the existing shaft hoisting technology, our
Skip Guide Rollers
The skip guide rollers and the tank track change from sliding friction to rolling friction, which reduces the kinetic energy consumption and noise of the hoist. The skip guide roll adopts the disc spring as the buffer element, which has the characteristic
Guide Roller of Mine Hoist
The guide roller of mine hoist produced by our company has the following excellent characteristics: (1) Hollow roller support is light in weight, convenient in maintenance and installation, and economizes on environmental protection. (2) Long life, reduce
Mine Guide Roller Buffer
Shandong Edmu Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the manufacture of mine guide roller buffer device.
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